Allergic To God | House M.D.

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House's team suspects that House made a mistake with the epinephrine, but when they try to find the source of her problems, she suffers hallucinations, convulsions and a rash appears on her leg.

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Season 1 Episode 5 "Damned If You Do"
Sister Augustine (Elizabeth Mitchell) arrives at the hospital with her hands covered in severe rash, which her fellow nuns think looks like stigmata and which House diagnoses as dermatitis caused by a dish soap allergy. When the antihistamines he gives her cause an asthma attack, House administers epinephrine, and she suffers a minor heart attack. Cuddy pulls House off of the case when she hears of House's methodology. An investigation of the convent reveals figwort tea, which explains only the reaction with the epinephrine. She is placed in a hypoallergenic room but inexplicably still has an allergic reaction. But when she begins shouting that she has God inside her, it allows House to find a copper IUD inside her uterus. The device is surgically removed and she fully recovers.

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